Hey manager, you can be better!

Hey Manager, You Can Be Better!

Okay, look, this isn’t about whether or not you’re a “good” manager or leader. It’s about how you could be better … and continue to get better. Don’t stop improving and don’t stop growing, because there’s always someone out there who would love to have your job.

Become a better communicator.

Yes, you can get better. It takes effort, work, and knowledge. Investing in improving your communication will help you be better understood, and, more importantly, it will help you better understand your team.

As you become a better communicator, you will begin to better learn what motivates your employees to do more and to do that “more” even better. Each person on your team will be motivated by something different. Even two employees with the same basic motivation, money, for example, will be motivated differently by that money.

Another benefit of becoming a better communicator is in a better understanding of your employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge is invaluable, but it will have a very tangible impact on your team’s progress and productivity.

Better communication will help you understand the vital difference between delegation and just assigning tasks. Delegation involves selecting specific tasks for specific people based on their ability to accomplish that task. It requires an understanding of the reason for that task as well as which member of your team will do a better job completing that task.

Delegation is about ownership.

It allows the employee assigned to see the task as part of a greater whole. They can assume the responsibility rather than just “doing the job.”

When the members of your team are matched up with tasks that better suit them, they will feel more fulfilled in their work and motivated to do it well. And when they understand why a specific task has been delegated to them, they will see it as contributing to a greater vision, rather than just ticking off a specific task on some incomprehensible list.

What are some ways you are working to become a better manager?

David Milberg is an NYC credit analyst.


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