Clinton vows to continue the status quo at Clinton Foundation

Even as Hillary Clinton faces blistering questions regarding her role in and the situation surrounding the Clinton Foundation’s donors, the Democratic presidential nominee vows to move beyond the questions and keep the foundation going as it is right now.

When asked, again, about any potential plans to change things at the foundation as a result of questions and reports criticizing the candidate and claiming the foundation is nothing more than a front for pay-to-play schemes, Clinton shrugged off the charges, saying her daughter would remain on the board, and business would go on as usual even if she wins the presidency in November.

Critics screaming about conflicts of interest from her time as Secretary of State have now pushed the volume up well past 11 when considering what may happen if and when Hillary Clinton is elected president.

And in this situation, even the most ardent Clinton supporters are shaking their heads. Shouldn’t the candidate have at least some understanding of how all this looks from a public relations perspective? Apparently, Clinton is well aware, and either doesn’t agree or doesn’t care.

During a segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, Clinton praised the work of the foundation around the world, saying that should be the focus, and not any potential conflicts of interest. Unfortunately for Clinton, her critics – and there are many – are quick to point out it’s not the foundation running for president, it’s the person whose name is on the letterhead.

At the head of a long line of detractors is Clinton’s campaign opponent, Donald Trump, who is banging the gong of impropriety loud and long. Trump says this situation is textbook Clinton, calling her corrupt and power hungry, a typical politician open to those who would buy access to power with massive contributions.

Clinton doesn’t seem to be rising to the bait to get in a war of words with Trump… at least not this time. On the Joe program, she said:

“The work has been not only transformational, it has really been in line with American interests and values… we’re going to do everything we can to make sure that good work continues…”

How voters – and donors – feel about both perspectives should be abundantly clear very soon.

David Milberg is an experienced credit analyst in NYC.


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