Social Media David Milberg

How to Get Noticed on Social Media

Millions of people log on to social media websites every day, but you do not need a million friends to become popular on social media. You only need to keep a fraction of the people on social media sites interested in your content. If you can hold the interest of a few thousand people, you can gain popularity. You might be wondering how to keep a thousand people interested in what you have to say. There are several ways to become popular in your niche.Social-Media-Icons David Milberg

Plan a Social Media Party

You should treat social media like a party. Most people on social media sites want to be entertained. You do not want to bombard your online friends with mundane business topics. If you were at a party, you would tell a joke. You should always be aware of your target audience. You need to know what makes them laugh. When you are perceived as knowledgeable and cool, your followers are more likely to converse with you. Always make your guests laugh before discussing serious business topics.

Tag Your Followers & Join New Groups

Tag your followers throughout the day. Your followers do not want to know every minute of your day, but they are interested in reading funny memes or posts. If you find an interesting article, you should send a quick tweet to your followers. You can shorten your message by sending a funny photo and link to the article. Search for tweets and groups that are relevant to your content. When you join new groups, you are more likely to gain new followers.

Connect With Other Bloggers

Your personal blog should have links to your social media accounts. Linking to your social media will give visitors an easy way to connect with you, and your followers should be able to share your content with their online friends. The bloggers in your niche are more than your competition. Other bloggers can show you how to organize your website, and you might find a few bloggers who are willing to let you write a guest post.

You have to love what you are doing, and you have to invest in your audience. Your followers need to know what makes you different from the crowd. Study your target demographic, and you will learn what topics are trending. When you offer something valuable, you will get noticed on social media.

David Milberg is a smart investment banker from NYC.


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