Hey manager

Hey Manager, Let’s Do the Impossible!

There comes a point in every business cycle where you are faced with an impossible task or an unreachable goal. Your response to this conundrum will determine where you go in your career, and whether or not management is really right for you.

The World Owes You Nothing

This is a truism you desperately need to understand: You are not owed anything. If you fail to perform, someone else will come along and accomplish what you believed to be impossible. That’s not speculation. That’s a fact. So, if you’re one of those who sees every challenge as a mountain to climb, let’s change that perspective and begin to see ladders of opportunity rather than impossible hurdles.

Change Your Mindset

It really does all come down to mindset. Sure, you won’t beat the beast on the first attempt every time – or even most of the time – but if you keep at it, you can succeed the vast majority of the time. And when you do find this success, you will learn three things about the challenges you may have once considered impossible.

Face Your Challenges Head-on

Challenges will define you. When you face a challenge and find a way to win, that challenge will label you a winner. However, if you quit or you fail, that challenge will attempt to label you as well. The only way to avoid being negatively defined by a challenge is to win or to not give up looking for a way to win. You may not get it right on the first try, but change up your strategy, learn and go after that summit again.

Challenges will change you. Challenges can make you better or make you worse. They will test your moral compass and your fortitude. But, when you win, the method you used to attain success will be ingrained on you. It transitions from an untested idea into a comfortable, trusted tool in your arsenal. In this way, every successful challenge literally makes you a better, more qualified person.

Grow Through Challenges

Challenges will prepare you for even more growth and success. As long as you are charging at challenges rather than shrinking from them, you will begin to see these challenges as stepping stones, not mountains to climb. Each win is one more rung on the ladder, one more fear conquered or doubt put to rest. One more example of the “impossible” shown to be the shadow puppet it really is.

So, what about it? Where have you faced challenges and found success?

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.


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