Hiring a Young Manager

Should You Consider Hiring a Younger Manager?

Are you struggling to find qualified management candidates? Are you tired of promoting from within and finding out too late that guy was great at his other job but not up to snuff as a leader? Now you’re stuck in an impossible position. You can’t demote him and ever get the same level of work you did before, but keep him and you’re tethered to substandard management. That means extra training and investment.

To avoid making that mistake next time, perhaps you consider hiring from outside the company. And if you’re after new blood, why not look for some new, young blood while you’re at it. Not convinced that’s a good call? Ask yourself these questions to see if you qualify as the right kind of company for a younger manager.

Is Your Industry Apt to Change?

Young leaders are almost always more ready and able to shift direction than their older counterparts. Their thinking is more elastic, less entrenched. They not only manage change well, they appreciate the opportunity and the challenge rather than resisting it.

Does Your Business Need an Internal Change?

Young leaders are simply more adaptive than their older counterparts. If you already know there needs to be some changes to systems and procedures internally, why not bring in a younger person who’s not so in love with “how we’ve always done it.”

Would Your Staff Benefit from a Cheerleader?

Young managers bring a distinct and often contagious energy to the workplace. They come in, guns blazing, and inspire everyone to step up their game. If your team is getting lazy or suffering from a permanent case of the Mondays, you might benefit from a young candidate with some youthful fire.

Do You Want to See Results?

Many older managers are justifiably focused on tenure and legacy, but all younger managers have is the chance to win, to deliver results. If you are interested in bringing on a team member who will always be looking at the bottom line and the opportunities afforded them, you need to consider a younger manager.

So what about it? Have you found success with younger managers? What are the benefits, and have you encountered any downsides that may temper this list of positive attributes?

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.


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