An Indian Religious Leader Trying to Save Israel

This is an interesting story of an Indian preacher who lives in America.  Kilari Anand Paul seems to know everyone and has seen many of the worlds desperate places and despotic leaders.  He was in Haiti asking the rebel leader Guy Philippe to stand down, and was with Liberian leader Charles Taylor as he fled the country.

Take a look at this, he is now looking to help Israel and save it from Iran and Hillary Clinton.  He has his own 747, but it has been grounded in Mexico.

Given the stakes, Paul argues that it’s “a sin” for Christians to fail to vote in the 2016 election. Paul says he’s “asking God if He wants me to campaign in this country,” and unless “God shuts the doors,” the evangelist vows to continue to rally support for “anybody but Hillary.”

Read more of it, you’ll find it interesting too.

David Milberg is a New York Investment Banker


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