Hire Better People

Hire Better People in 3 Easy Steps

If you want to be the best in your industry, you need to have the best people working for you. Sure, you can have a great idea, but if you don’t have the right people to implement it, your great idea will remain exactly that – an idea. Worse, it could turn into a terrible project.

Don’t be that guy. Build a team worthy of your billion dollar idea, and then turn them loose to create success.

It really is possible to find good help these days. In fact, there are GREAT people out there just waiting to join your team. If you know how to connect with them properly.

First, you need to know which job recruitment tool works best for you. There’s no way to tell other than by testing. Sure, you could just do what works for others in your market, but will that really tell you if it’s the best? Not at all. So, take a look at every way you can find the right people and see which one brings you the most quality applicants. Is it a job board, knowing the right people at a particular college or trade school? Social media? Assume nothing and leave no stone unturned. Most importantly, track your results.

Tell the truth in your job posting. Be specific. Expect both in return. Don’t promise the moon in the hopes of gaining a larger applicant pool. You need the right person for that job, not one hundred almost right people for that job. Be specific. Understand exactly what you are looking for and write your job posting in a way that Only Those People will respond.

A follow up to that – make sure your interview process is not set to find the right person in stage one. In the first round, set it up to weed out the wrong people. Everyone wants a paycheck, so you don’t want the people who are only looking for a paycheck. You want the people who have the skills you need for that specific job. Pro tip: lead with the perks, and make the specific requirements the last thing people read. You get two benefits from this. People will remember the last thing they read, and you will quickly learn who actually read the entire job posting. If you have something specific in there they will only know IF they read all the way through, corner cutters will tell on themselves.

Don’t just interview. Always skill test. Always. No matter what profession you are hiring for, you have a specific task that person will have to accomplish. How good are they at that job? It’s much cheaper to find out BEFORE you hire them, trust me. Will they need to learn on the job? Sure, but they should not have to learn the core of their job. They should bring that into the interview.

These steps should be seen as filters. You are not saying these people are bad or wrong. They are just not what you are looking for with that particular opportunity. Using these methods will also help you find solid candidates for other positions. Be mindful. You don’t want a quality candidate going to your competition just because you weren’t paying attention.

David Milberg is an investment banker from NYC.


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