Social Media Presence

What Are the Must-Do’s for Optimizing your Social Media Presence?

When it comes to social media, you want to make the most of your time investment. It’s easy to get sucked into spending hours upon hours on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms while growing your business. Here are a few must-do tips for improving your social media presence.

Be consistent and intentional.

When you create a headline or post, make sure it connects back to your previous posts. Keep this pattern up across all forms of social media; a Twitter follower should be able to instantly identify your content on Facebook, even if they don’t follow you on that platform.

Create sharable content.

If you can create engaging content that readers enjoy, it will practically do the work for you. People like sharing articles and posts that they find interesting, so by keep a reading hooked on your every word, you can improve the chances they’ll click the ever-important “Share” button to spread it to their followers. In the modern world, most readers decide whether to finish an article by the end of the first paragraph, so make sure your opening lines grab their attention instantly.

Use automated tools to schedule posts in advance.

There are a number of tools that automatically post to Facebook and Twitter for you. You can use these to line up and schedule posts well in advance. A few hours of effort on a Friday afternoon means you can spend the rest of the week relaxing as all of your social media requirements are met for the coming week. HootSuite is one such tool.

Don’t be afraid of sharing the same content.

Developing original content for each post is exhausting. Don’t be afraid to link to the same sources multiple times a day, but tailor the amount you share this information to each platform. Given that many people check Facebook multiple times during the day, sharing the information too much can turn users off. However, since LinkedIn is rarely checked more than once per day, if that, you can share the content several times throughout the day to reach the maximum number of users.

These four social media tips will help you to maximize your presence and seem as though you’re on top of all new developments. It will give the impression to your viewers that you can be everywhere at once — and who doesn’t want to be seen as insanely hard working?

David Milberg is a full time investor and an entrepreneur from NYC.


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